4 Ways Solar Energy Saves Water

4 Ways Solar Energy Saves Water

Our world is dependent on water—71 percent of the planet’s surface is covered with it and almost 60 percent of our bodies are composed of it. Without water, none of the living organisms on earth would be able to survive. With droughts and water shortages affecting every continent, it’s become more important than ever to save water wherever we can. Global warming concerns, climate change, pollution and other threats to our water supply have experts warning of a future water crisis of epic proportions.

Water plays a vital role in energy generation and transmission. It’s used to do everything from mining coal, generating power from fossil fuels and pumping crude oil from the ground to cooling down power plants and flushing the pollutants generated from fossil fuels. Since water and power are interdependent, it makes sense that solar energy is an excellent way to save this precious resource.

Here are four ways that solar energy reduces water consumption:

1. Solar Panels Don’t Require Water to Generate Energy

Each year, when companies mine coal or drill for oil and natural gas, billions of gallons of water are used. While generating electricity with fossil fuels uses large amounts of water, solar energy does not. No water is needed to convert sunlight into energy.

2. Solar Panels Don’t Need Water to Cool Down

Traditional power plants require huge amounts of water to cool down. Solar panels require no cooling whatsoever. This literally saves tons of this precious resource.

3. Producing Solar Panels Uses Less Water

While some water is required to produce solar panels, it uses less than any other power generating method. Solar panels are created with sustainable methods that include recycling to help minimize the impact on our environment.

4. Cars Fueled by Solar Panels Use Less Water

An incredible way to reduce your water use is an electric car powered by solar panels. The driver uses no gas, which reduces the amount of water used to generate the electricity or liquid biofuel.

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