Poor Installation & Good Installation

Poor Installation & Good Installation

Do We Wonder?

How many of us have genuinely wondered about the solar panel installation type? 

Do We Honestly Wonder about it or We are only concerned over the PRICE?? 

Reality is that most of the customers do not administer the installation type, whether this is good installation or a bad one. The only concern of a customer is what best price offer one can present to them. 

Things to consider

Solar Panels : In general solar panels are widely available in the market with cheap price tags, which are either duplicate or are surely grey. Most of the cheap & attractive price offers for rooftop solar systems have abysmal quality solar panels. To elude malpractice, customers should insist on seeing PV panels serial no. With RFID reader. (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to identify & track tags attached to objects automatically. Installer or supplier of PV solar panels should provide serial no. Identification.

Designing with Survey: An appropriate survey is always required to design the PV solar panel installation. Many miss on this relevant and useful work. A great design leads to maximum output, which is essential. In many instances, clients awards for X no. of KWp solar system and his site is not feasible for the same, but Poor installers do install the desired KWp to have their self-interest by narrowing the gap in each row, which results in low power generation. 

Array Design: Customers have nothing to do with the voltage for choosing a PV Solar power system, but taking into consideration the max and min voltage at the site one can have an excellent design array and a good inverter to be used for better output and safety. 

Solar Cables: Quality of cables does affect the output. The poor installer does not think wise on this as they believe on their profit only. An excellent tinned solar cable/wire for DC input and solar cable for AC output does affect the generation of output. ISI marked solar cables/wires is a must. Solar cable is Reliable, Durable, UV Resistant, Halogen free, Flexible & Strip friendly, Suitable for common connections & Good copper conductor. 

GI Structure: Yes GI structure is suitable for PV solar power systems. However, mostly suppliers/ installers use pre-galvanised sheets for fabrication of structure rather than fabricated MS and then hot dip galvanised. Indeed the pre-galvanised structure will not go rusty and down in the first 6-7 years but the longer span; it will break. Have a good GI structure with MS.

Earthing Terminals: Always say no to a single Earthing for both AC & DC. It should always be separate Earthing.  AC and DC Earthing networks stand best for safety. Now one can wonder why cheap installations are unquestionably cheaper.

Lightning Earthing: It is one of the most powerful and destructible phenomena of the mother nature. This Earthing is a must and should be done appropriately during the course of PV solar system installation. Without this risk is not limited to one’s solar systems but the whole building, people.

Inverter Protections: A good solar inverter will have AC and DC side protection. ACDB/AJB/Inverters must contain side protection, yes the SPD’s are costly however if they are good they will protect any spark. The cheaper installation will use a cheap inverter and will not think for safety. 

Data Monitoring: 

Ques: Do you know your solar feeds/data??

Ans: NO…..

Ques: WHY? 

Ans: Because I do not know what it is?

Ques: You have never told about this?

Ans: No, Never. What is it? How am I supposed to see this so-called data?

Wondering……… don’t be so surprised, this is pretty common with solar rooftop installers. They never tell the client about their solar data. 

Solar rooftops must have their feeds/data available to customers/clients. How a customer is going to see what generation his/her money is doing regarding solar power generation. Good control centres do have it all. Customers can certainly see their solar power generation data. 

Always ask for control centres to check feeds/data. Moreover, do not buy PV Solar Rooftops Systems from vendors/ supplier who does not have such control centres. 

Aforementioned is why I wonder about the price interruption of a cheap installation/ poor installation and Good installation.  

By: Abhinav Mathur

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