Solar Controller

You may be having a solar battery but may be facing a problem with the lifespan and charging needs of the battery. This problem is quite often faced by people and that is the very reason we at Beluga Solar Lighting Technologies Co., Limited have come out with innovative means to solve such problems faced.

The Reasons That Makes Our Product Unique

You may be thinking that when there are so many such manufacturers why you should be having our solar power controller. Yes, there are reasons which have made us the best Solar Battery Controller manufacturers in USA. Let us have a look at what you can expect from our products.

  • 1. Having our product you can enhance the life of the solar battery along with having an enhanced performance of the same.
  • 2. Being the best China Solar Battery Controller manufacturers Africa we offer you means to adjust the charging and discharging parameters automatically. This is possible by the temperature compensation functionality that we have introduced in our products.
  • 3. We as best Solar Battery Controller manufacturers in South Africa, Kenya, USA, Nigeria and Mexico offer you means to control overcharging, have discharge protection, protection against overload and have effective protection against short circuit.
  • 4. The products that we manufacture have functions of humanized automatic fault recovery and locking.
  • 5. The products manufactured by us have dual DC interface you can use it conveniently to connect small power load.
  • 6. It is easy to use and you do not require any special training to use the controller that we manufacturer and make available.
  • 7. The best part is that you can have such solar controller manufactured by us at an affordable price. We also guarantee that there are no hidden costs associated.

So, in case you have such requirement of best quality solar battery controller in South Africa, Kenya, USA, Nigeria and Mexico just do give us a call and have the best that are manufactured by us.

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