Solar Lighting Kit

We at Beluga Solar lighting, one of the leading solar lighting manufacturers of the world, are represented by a skilled team of experts and professionals, who have been developing newer technology in the arena of solar power energy to offer you with the best solutions.

We manufacture and develop a wide range of solar energy products and solar powered system, which are quality and expert tests passed to be finally used by you.

How our China solar lighting kits benefit you?

We produce and manufacture these solar kits which can be used in solar lighting, exterior lights, CCTV cameras, advertising, weather control and monitoring equipment, temporary installations, etc.

Due to the multipurpose application of our solar kits at Beluga, we have even ranked a good position among the solar lighting manufacturers. Our research and development never stop. Our experts keep researching about how to make our present product more valuable and multitasking.

Various benefits of our solar kits at Beluga Solarlighting

We, at Beluga Solarl ighting, aim at providing the best benefits to our clients as responsible solar lighting manufacturers. Some of the important advantages we offer our clients are:

  • Our solar kits are easy and quick to install with help of manuals. Using our solar kits will help you with reduced maintenance and installation costs.
  • There is minimal use of lifting and elevating equipment, which is found with no other manufacturers.
  • We also allow the benefit of termination of all types of electrical equipment with help of access cover.
  • Our kits are suitable for all the public activity areas and industrial sections.

Why trust us for your solar lighting needs?

You have many reasons to trust our experts at Beluga Solar lighting. We have an experience of more than 10 years in this field, which makes us one of the trusted names you can rely upon.

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