Top 5 Benefits of Going Solar

Top 5 Benefits of Going Solar

Clients of both our residential and commercial solar services always ask about the benefits of going solar–and there are plenty. The number of solar panel installations increases each year, which is a testament to the many advantages solar energy offers. Plus, making the switch is getting easier than ever for homeowners and business owners alike. Read on if you’re wondering why you should transition from traditional electricity to solar power.

1. Savings

Homes powered by solar are independent of the grid, which means electricity costs nothing. Traditional electricity rates typically increase each year, so once you go solar, you will no longer be subject to price hikes.

 2. Incentives

There are some exciting tax incentives for making the transition to solar. The incentive is significant–up to 30 percent of the cost of installation. There are also incentives and rebates that vary by state that reduce costs.

3. Positive Impact on the Environment

Traditional electricity is generated by fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere during combustion. This has a negative impact on our environment, referred to as “Global Warming.” Solar energy emits nothing into the atmosphere and has no negative effects on our environment.

4. Energy Independence

By going solar, you help our country as a whole reduce its dependence on foreign energy sources.

5. Boost Property Value

Installing solar panels increases property values of homes and buildings. Buyers know that solar translates to lower energy costs and many appreciate that it will reduce their carbon footprint. Research sponsored by the Department of Energy found that buyers will pay more for homes with solar panels. Other studies show that properties with solar panels also sell faster and at higher prices.

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